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General information

The total lease area is 5,680 square metres. The tenants will be able to use 1,626 square metres of retail and service space on the ground and first floor facing Plac Zamkowy, and 3,851 square metres of office space on the upper floors (1,377 square metres on the first floor, 1,618 square metres on the second floor and 857 square metres on the third floor). A car park with 27 parking spaces is located on two underground floors, and 30 spaces for bikes in the courtyard.

The design of the office building combines aesthetics and elegance with functionality and care for the environment. It takes advantage of modern technical and environmentally-friendly solutions, which will guarantee its future occupiers effective use of the space and comfortable working conditions. The building is very intimate and the room layout allows for free interior design and giving each and every office an individual touch.


As the new business meeting site, Plac Zamkowy – Business with Heritage offers the highest standard of office space to its occupiers. The exclusivity of the office offer emphasizes the attention to every detail of the interior design through the use of high quality materials and modern technologies. Depending on the kind of work, you will find here cosy studies, economical open space, or diversified working and relaxation zones in line with the latest trends in office space arrangements. Elevated floors, suspended ceilings, movable partitions and mobile telecommunications network end-points enable you to freely organize the space to your liking. All these facilities and many more have created an exceptional and functional space adjustable to the individual character of its tenants.

The investment Plac Zamkowy – Business with Heritage is an A+ class office building, erected according to the highest standards. Not only do the solutions used limit the negative impact on the natural environment, they also lower the maintenance costs. Large French windows characteristic of palace architectur flood the floor with natural day light and guarantee natural ventilation at the same time, aided by an efficient air-conditioning system. You may relax for a while during a busy day among the greenery of the courtyard facing Pałac Branickich. Third-floor tenants will also be able to use a large terrace overlooking the picturesque rooftops of the tenement houses of the Old Town.

Wide open show-windows of service and retail units on the ground floor and the two-level elegant restaurant will attract both Warsaw residents and tourists, who gather in crowds in Warsaw’s Old Town all year round.

Plac Zamkowy – Business with Heritage means:

  • a comfortable working environment thought over to the last detail;
  • a modern design showing respect to tradition,
  • stylish occupier-friendly space;
  • a building designed with man and the environment in mind.

Project of the Year 2015