About a project

The design was preceded by a thorough analysis of photos and descriptions of pre-war Warsaw. The objective throughout was to create a building with a simple and elegant architectural structure that would harmonize with the historical architecture while retaining its individual modern character. Plac Zamkowy – Business with Heritage is inspired by the classical palatial office buildings befitting the 21st century.

The building consists of two underground floors with a car park (27 parking spaces) and four usable above-ground level floors, one of which is located on the roof level. The ground floor is intended for retail and service units. A restaurant overlooking Plac Zamkowy square will occupy part of the ground floor and first floor, the rest of the facility will provide offices.

The main body of the building is divided into three parts – a reference to the architectural solutions used in the palaces nearby. Two glazed halls break up monolithic facades and open up the view over the side wall of the Palace Pałac Branickich. Classical proportions, obtained with vertical and horizontal divisions on the façade, correspond with the historic buildings of the Old Town.

The facade from the side of Pałac Branickich is contrasted with the classical front facade. To emphasize the modern character of the building more glazing is used here, so that the construction gains lightness.

Classical windows resembling those in the neighbouring buildings have been put in the plastered walls on the first and second floor. The plasterwork takes advantage of the play of the light and shadow on the facades, which emphasizes the stylish character of the building. In line with the expectations of the Historic Preservation Officer, the roof is covered with pre-patinated titanium zinc alloy-plated sheet steel in grey, put traditionally with a standing seam. Beside the ceramic tiles, the steel plate is the only kind of roof cover within the Old Town, and the colour selection is characteristic for the frontage along Podwale Street. The facade on the side of the Pałac Branickich, which makes the background for the green courtyard, is lightweight and fully glazed.


The materials used, which have perfect technical parameters and at the same time are beautiful and precious, emphasize the modern character of the office building while being in harmony with the surrounding historical development. The ground floor has been finished off with stone plates from shell limestone. The upper floors have been finished with tiles of a fine granular plaster. In order to enhance the effect of the three-dimensional facade, elegant grooves were applied between the windows and wrought railings with elements of brass, which is the traditional material in contemporary form – these details carve through the facade and guarantee the play of light and shadow. The shape of the attics in the corners and the snow guards shaped like the wrought railings make the design complete.


In addition to aesthetic values the design is guided by the principle of functionality. The design includes the use of modern technical and environmental solutions to ensure that future occupiers will be able to use the space effectively.


Project of the Year 2015