Plac Zamkowy – Business with Heritage awarded a BREEAM Very Good Rating Certificate

Plac Zamkowy – Business with Heritage now holds a BREEAM Very Good rating certificate, awarded by the Building Research Establishment Global, the world’s foremost environmental assessment rating group. The basis for granting a certificate was an audit and a report prepared by a licensed assessor.

 In their assessment, auditors take into account a number of features characterising the building, especially indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency, availability of public transport, building materials used, building operations management and water and waste management. For a building, being granted a BREEAM Very Good certificate is more than a guarantee that it is environmentally friendly; the certificate enhances its prestige and translates into comfortable working conditions and measurable economic benefits for tenants. According to a study by the European Union, the number of sick of people working in the “green office buildings” drops by 25 – 55%, while the savings in electricity consumption are as high as 30% compared to buildings constructed with traditional technologies.

The granting of BREEAM bestows a great honour on the holder, and environmentally friendly solutions used in the building are particularly important considering the current issue of air quality in the capital. The building was erected with both the quality and quantity of fresh air in mind, which exceed by fifty percent the requirements under Polish regulations. Technologies used when erecting the building bring real savings to tenants and make Plac Zamkowy – Business with Heritage fully deserving of the name “green building”.

BREEAM New Construction is a multi-criteria system for evaluating the quality of new buildings, used in Europe and worldwide by investors and developers. The granting of the certificate is treated as a token of appreciation and a symbol of the highest quality of audited building.

BREEAM Certyfication